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 Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2


MIS is committed in policy and practice to the delivery of the English National Curriculum. It is recognised that for a school such as ours The National Curriculum does not represent the whole of the curriculum. Therefore our setting within the international community of Qatar and beyond allows for an enriched curriculum.


The Key Stage 2 curriculum builds on the Key Stage 1 foundation and strives to ensure breadth and balance. Often our planning is linked across curriculum areas, as we believe children learn faster and more effectively when skills and concepts are linked between subjects at the same time. For example, in Year 3 the Qatar topic, which main emphasis is History also has Geography and Literacy links. We plan topics carefully so continuity and progression are smooth and aid development. Topics enable us to identify skills, concepts, knowledge and ideas from individual subjects and bring them together in a cohesive way. 

Our children are generally taught in their mixed ability class groupings, with all children studying the same area. However, work is appropriately differentiated (either simplified or extended) to match all ability levels. Each Year Team groups children by ability for maths ‘sets’ when the children work with their peers from other classes across the year.

 PE Primary Curriculum