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 Home Work

Key Stage 3 Homework 

KS3 Homework in Year 7-9. Homework will be set every Sunday to be completed for the following week. All KS3 Students will be issued with a Homework Schedule during Tutor Time on Sunday. This Homework Schedule will list the homework for that week. Students will spend time, supported by their tutor, in scheduling their homework for that week in their Student Planner. Students will have an option of at least two levels of difficulty (Core, Extension). The homework set will either be a Preparation Homework for next week or a continuation of a Project.  Preparation homework will be based on a resource the student can access at home, such as:

a.   Textbook

b.   Doddle

c.   Web page

d.   Department Homework Resource Book

e.   Vid/pod  cast

f.    Resource which the student must collect from the faculty

Where the homework requires the student to access the internet students may need to complete such after school, in the Homework Club, if the internet is not available at home.


Where the homework is Preparation Homework this is prior learning in advance of the lesson and will be assessed in class by the subject teacher.

Year 7 Homework Timetable

Year 8 Homework Timetable

Year 9 Homework Timetable