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Music education at Mesaieed International School (MIS) focuses on growing the capabilities and enthusiasm of pupils.

The MIS Music curriculum is designed to stimulate students of all abilities to develop their appreciation and enjoyment of music through an active involvement in performing, composing and listening. 

Through a largely practically based series of lessons, students are encouraged to develop their musical skills in the areas of performing and composing. Through listening and appraising, students will develop a sensitive and critical response to music from different cultures and historical styles. 

All students receive a weekly one-hour music lesson in Key Stage 3. During the term, Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. Our new Project based learning (PBL) approach facilitates this by allowing pupils to develop and drive their own progress within a clear musical (and wider Performing Arts) framework.

We have a Key Stage 3 Choir which begun this academic year and we are always delighted to welcome new members.

We have created a new ‘Keyboard Suite’ in the music department which students are welcome to visit to develop their keyboard skills through practise.

We have recently introduced the possibility to hire instruments from school to practise at home for students who are committed to developing their musical potential. Pupils utilising this have been making clear progress on their ability to make music.

The music department is beginning to provide individual lessons to potential instrumentalists. Our medium-term aim is for these developing musicians to form small groups and ensembles to contribute towards the growing music life of the school.

Music is at the heart of every International Community and this is true of Mesaieed International School. At MIS music continues to play an important role in the development of our students and enhances key school and community events

Music in MIS Sep 2018 

Music KS3 Curriculum Overview v2