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Key Stage 4 Art & Design

The Edexcel GCSE Art and Design is a two year course which encourages personal expression, imagination, problem solving, analytical observation and practical attitudes. It leads to greater understanding of the role of the visual arts in the history of civilization. It widens cultural horizons and enriches the individual. Art in Design compliments literacy, mathematical, scientific and humanities. It is especially concerned with the development of visual perception and aesthetics.

The syllabus is intended as a broad course exploring practical and critical/contextual work through a range of two-dimensional and/or three dimensional processes and new media and technologies.


Who should choose GCSE Art and Design?


·         Students who have a solid foundation of the core skills such as drawing and painting and have the ability to skilfully exploit relevant techniques.

·         Students who are self-motivated and enthusiastic about Art and Design.

·         Students who are highly disciplined in their approach to meeting deadlines and completing set tasks for coursework.


Methods of Assessment in Art and Design 



·        Personal portfolio- Student work comprising of supporting studies and personal response. – Weighting is 60%

·        Externally set Assessment- Observational/Interpretive Assignment: 10 hour practical exam with portfolio preparation – Weighting is 40%



There are many career opportunities for students to exploit with a GCSE in Art and Design, these careers include; Scientific, Book and Computer illustration, Fine artist, Photographer, Animation, Graphic designer, Fashion designer, Interior designer, Arts administration, Curator, Printmaker, Teacher, University lecturer,  Advertising, Marketing, Design, Architecture, Publishing and Media.



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