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Key Stage 5 - Art


A Level –Art and Design: Fine Art

This course enables students to explore and master techniques and develop personal ideas into finished pieces alongside study of the work of famous artists for inspiration.

DURATION:  A two-year course. Students attend 5 hours per week.


Who is the course for? The Edxcel GCE A level course is for anyone who would like to continue to develop their art and design skills and knowledge at a highly developed and refined level.  The fine art course is broad based and gives you the opportunity of working in a wide variety of media, including collage and mixed media, graphics, photography and textiles as well as the more traditional painting and drawing media. Students will be encouraged to develop their creativity based on solid basic skills such as observational drawing.  During the course they will produce a Personal Study. This will be presented in both written and visual form and will be based on an art and design theme which is preferably related to the coursework. The theme of the study could be historical, philosophical, technical or psychological.

In the second year of the course they will develop skills and start to do longer projects which will allow you to develop your ideas more fully and produce more finished pieces. The coursework will develop one aspect of their first year’s work in a more personal and creative way. Throughout the course the emphasis will be on developing their independent creativity, refine the artistic skills and enhance the research skills and the appreciation of Art and Design in today’s society.


YEAR 1 AS Level : Unit 1 - Course Personal Portfolio:  the requirement is to produce a portfolio of work for this unit. This will include work from direct observations, analysis and the evaluation of the students own work and the work of others in contemporary, historical and cultural contexts. Investigations using a variety of media and scale leading to a personal, well researched final outcome.   -  Weighting 50%


YEAR 1 AS Level: Unit 2 – Externally Set Assignment:  This unit has three elements: - Planning, Preparation and Realization.

Early on in the spring term the externally set assignment is handed out.  From  this the student will choose one starting point. They will have several weeks to experiment, record and research and will have regular tutorials with their teacher to support  the development of their ideas. The final piece of work is produced independently under controlled conditions in 10 hours during the late spring or early summer term. - Weighting 50%

Both units will be marked by specialist art tutors and internally standardised and externally moderated. 



YEAR 2 A2 Level: Unit 3-  For this unit students are required to use personal starting point(s) to produce a major project that shows the working through a range of art and design experiences. Students will include a personal study, related to their coursework theme, of between 1000 and 3000 words. Weighting 60%

Unit 4 - Controlled Assignment: - From an early release paper the student will choose one starting point. During the initial planning and preparation stage you will demonstrate an ability to record, plan and develop ideas and complete a final response under controlled conditions in 15 hours.  - Weighting 40%

Both units will be marked by specialist art tutors and internally standardised and externally moderated. 

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Students should have achieved a grade C at GCSE Art and Design to study towards A level.

PROGRESSION; Many students apply to and are offered places at university to study higher level courses in the Fine Arts.


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