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Key Stage 5 - PE

Information about ‘AS Level’ Physical Education


Students will have the chance to take on the roles of ‘performer’, ‘leader’ or ‘official’ at AS. This will be in two sports; if as a performer they must be part of a recognised team.

In the context of their chosen role(s), they will:

·         review their current participation in physical activity

·         identify opportunities locally, nationally and internationally for them to advance their participation in physical activity

·         create a development plan and a life plan for their participation in physical activity.


Elsewhere, students will learn about sport, from the grass roots to the elite level, and the development of competitive sport. Healthy lifestyles, fitness and training, and preparation for sports performance are also covered extensively.


Unit 1: Participation in Sport and Recreation

Content summary:

The unit content is divided into two sections, with each section outlining the specific knowledge and understanding required by the student.


The first section will develop the student’s knowledge and understanding of what constitutes a healthy and active lifestyle. Students will investigate how the body responds and adapts to exercise, the components of physical and skill fitness and different methods of fitness training. The rationale behind carrying out fitness assessments and the protocols associated with recognised fitness tests will also be considered.


The second section encourages the student to develop their knowledge and understanding of how competitive sport has developed over time. They will learn how a lifelong involvement in sport is encouraged.



The assessment of this unit is through a 1 hour and 30 minute examination paper. The paper will be a question-and-answer booklet, consisting of short-answer and extended-writing type questions, all of which are compulsory.


Unit 2: The Critical Sports Performer

Content summary:

The fundamental aim of this unit is to engage participants in four tasks. These tasks will offer a framework of opportunities to develop practical experiences and conduct independent research into the structure, provision and analysis of physical activity.

Students will have the chance to offer two performances from a choice of three roles (player/participant, leader and official) recording their performance over a period of time.

They will then undertake a study into the provision for all three roles at a local level, followed by a study of the provision for one role at the national level. Lastly, they will produce an analysis of their performance relating to at least one of the activities offered in the first task.



Students must complete all four tasks. This unit is internally assessed and externally moderated.



To be successful at AS Level


·         A member of the school’s/local community team for your chosen sport(s)


·         A member of the school’s/local community club if you are offering the role of a coach or official to be assessed


·         Willing to work independently of the lessons – read around the topics covered, further research topics, film and edit videos in your own time (this is a huge responsibility)


·         Have a good grasp of written English – some questions in the Unit 1 examination will have marks awarded for correct and accurate writing. Unit 2 requires two 1000 word studies and a major piece of analysis work that requires correct terminology to be used.


·         Meet all deadlines set and where possible present work to be checked before the deadline


·         Maintain excellent attendance – aim for 100%


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