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 MIS Uniform

MIS Uniform

Students in Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4

White formal shirt with collar to be worn tucked in at all timesWhite formal shirt with a collar (long or short sleeved) to be worn tucked in at all times
Plain White/Navy headscarf (if worn)Navy blue trousers/shorts
Navy blue skirt (below the knee) or trousersPlain black belt
Navy blue or white socksNavy blue socks
Black “leather” type formal shoes with a low or flat heel. No stilettos or sandals.Black “leather” type formal shoes (polished).
Navy blue jumper (winter)Navy blue jumper (winter)
Navy blue/black overcoat (winter)Navy blue/black overcoat (winter)

Hats Plain white or navy hats may be worn (out of doors) as protection against the sun. These are strongly advised for Key Stage 1 and 2 students and for all other students whenever they are outside.

Students in Key Stage 5

Formal BlouseFormal Shirt
Formal Black trousers or skirt(below the knee)Formal Black trousers
Black formal jacket - (compulsory on formal occasions including whole school assemblies)Dark blue tie
Dark coloured tights or socksBlack formal jacket (compulsory on formal occasions including whole school assemblies)
Black formal shoes (no stiletto heels)Dark socks
Black formal shoes


Hats for students in the Sixth Form Plain black or navy hats may be worn (out of doors) as protection against the sun. FootwearPlease note that appropriate sensible black footwear should be worn with school uniform i.e. formal black shoes with plain white or navy blue socks. Casual shoes are not acceptable i.e. trainers, hi-tops, sandals etc. Hair/Make-Up Sixth Form girls are allowed to wear discreet make-up. No other students are allowed to use make-up at school. Boys’ hair must be short and neat. Hair over the collar or an emphasis on extremes of fashion will not be acceptable. Girls with medium/long hair are required to tie their hair back during school hours. Headbands should be white or navy blue, and be of a simple and discreet design. Aerosols (including hair spray, perfumes and deodorants) are not allowed in school for safety reasons. Jewellery Students are forbidden to wear jewellery in School. However, plain studs (no stones), may be worn, one in each ear lobe, by girls only, and no other jewellery should be brought to School. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings/studs in school. A single wrist watch is permitted for any students from Key Stage 2 upwards.


Non-uniform days

Occasionally students are allowed to wear non-uniform clothes to school. These days are usually fund-raising occasions when the students make a small donation for the privilege of not wearing uniform. This donation goes to one of the charities that the school supports. Students may wear the clothes of their choice, but they should be suitable for a working school day. Normal, modest dress and behaviour are expected. Make-up and jewellery are not allowed  on non-uniform days. The following items of clothing are unacceptable on non-uniform days and students will be asked to change if they attend school in these clothes: - short dresses and skirts - shorts - tightly fitted clothing - “off shoulder” tops or tops with spaghetti straps - tops worn with tights or leggings (i.e. without  trousers) - flip flops. P.E. and Swimming Kit P.E. kit consists of a white polo shirt, navy blue shorts, navy blue track suit bottoms (optional), white socks and trainers. These should be brought into school on P.E. days.

Indoor Navy blue shorts or tracksuit bottoms White t-shirt White socks Indoor shoes/ trainers (clean) Outdoor As above Appropriate outdoor footwear

Swimwear Dark blue or black swimming costume/ trunks

Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children should come to school wearing kit on P.E. days. Students in Years 2 to 9 bring their P.E. kit to school with them and change before their PE lesson. On swimming days, children in Nursery to Year 2 wear their swimming costume under their uniform - they bring underwear in a bag along with a towel and flip-flops. If swimming is very late in the day, the class teacher may inform the children not to wear their swimming costumes to school; in which case changing will be done in the classroom under the direct supervision of the class teacher and assistant. Students must wear school uniform when they leave the School premises. Following after-school activities, children will be allowed to go home in their P.E. kit if they are appropriately dressed.   If students have been swimming they must change back into school uniform.

Parents are reminded to label all PE Kit. Long hair is to be tied back at all times.


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