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Attendance in Secondary


Sometimes there are good reasons why your child cannot attend school.

Parents are expected to telephone the school before 7.15am to explain all absences.

Authorisation of absence in most circumstances requires a written note from parents.

After a student has had a two-day absence from school, then class teachers or form tutors make contact with parents and inform the Head of Year, Progress Leader or Assistant Head Pastoral about the outcome of the enquiry. Wherever possible, make dental and medical appointments outside of the school day, or during one of the school holidays.


Having a good education will help give your child have the best possible start in life.

  1. If your child does not attend regularly it will be hard for them to keep up with school work and to achieve their best in classwork and examinations.
  2. Your child could be left out of friendship groups with class mates and feel isolated if they don’t come in every day -that they can.
  3. Regular attendance at school shows that your child is reliable and this will help their chances of getting a place at university.

If families take holidays during term time, then no additional work is set for students. This also applies to IGCSE, AS and A level students. There is an expectation that these students will make their own arrangements to catch up on any missed work. If a student is absent for a week or more, on medical grounds, work is set and marked by teachers.


Parents are given details of term dates well in advance so that holiday arrangements can be made accordingly. You are therefore asked not to request any extensions to these holidays or additional time away from school. Such requests will only be considered in exceptional circumstances by the Principal.


If a student’s poor attendance seriously undermines his/her academic achievement the Principal may decide to implement one of the following


·         The student may be required to repeat the year

·         The student may not be entered for external examinations

·         The student may be permanently excluded from the school


Students who are absent for 45 continuous days are removed from the school roll and parents will have to undergo the admission process once again.