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How to behave at Mesaieed International Secondary School

At MIS we are committed to the principle that positive behavior is a necessary condition for effective learning. We believe that students have the right to learn, and staff the right to work, in an environment that is respectful, courteous and enables the creativity and freedom of expression essential to deep learning.

Whilst acknowledging the diversity of our school population, including different faiths, cultures and home environments, we recognize the principle that respect of the ethics and values of our host nation is a key positive behavior.

We also acknowledge the school’s important role within the wider Mesaieed community and thus hold the same high expectations of our student’s behavior within the wider community as within school.

Rewards and Sanctions

The school has developed a Positive Behaviour and Rewards procedure and a Negative Behaviour and Sanctions procedure. The purpose of both of these is to:

·         Have clear and transparent procedures for recognizing and rewarding positive behavior and for identifying, recording and modifying negative behavior.

·         Involve parents in the process of rewards or behavior modification

·         Ensure consistent and fair application of rewards and sanctions by teachers

Students at MIS should adhere to the Student Charter- a code of conduct setting out the expectations of behavior of students as agreed by the Student Council.

Please see attachments of our Behaviour Policy and Positive Behaviour and Sanction grids.


Assemblies allow a whole year group (or two) to come together and reflect on important issues or celebrate achievement.

Assemblies are held most weeks for every year group. Assemblies are taken by either a member of the Senior Leadership Team, Pastoral Leadership, Tutor or a tutor group.

Assemblies follow the diverse themes outlined in the PSHEE curriculum. The assembly themes are continued through tutor group reflection and activities.

There are House assemblies at least once every half term to plan House events and share success.

In Secondary we have a termly Celebrating Success Assembly to share in the positive achievements of our students.

Parents are NOT invited to assemblies in Secondary with the exception of our annual Prize Giving Ceremony which takes place in November, for the presentation of Examination Certificates, and June for years 7-10.

Positive Behaviour & Rewards


Negative Behaviour & Sanctions