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How to behave at Mesaieed International Primary School

We want everyone at MIS to learn in a happy, safe environment whilst at the same time having the highest expectations of themselves and everyone around them. Therefore, we expect the following things of you:                                     

  1. show respect and care for all other children and staff at school and always be polite and courteous
  2. attend all lessons and be punctual to school
  3. complete the class work set for you to the best of your ability, as well as any homework set, which will also be handed in on time
  4. allow others to learn

Rewards and Celebrations

We know how hard you all work and we want to celebrate your progress and your achievements. You will be part of our house points competition and you will earn points for all aspects of school life including work, sport and behaviour. At the end of the year the winning house with the most points retains the cup until the next term.

Our weekly assembly celebrates individual achievement by presenting certificates to the children whom the teachers have identified that week. Your certificate will explain why you have been given the award and you can take it home to share your success with your parents.

Our year ends with a Speech Day where prizes are presented to children in each year who have excelled in a number of ways.
In your classroom there may be a variety of reward systems but your own teacher will explain these.


We understand that we all make mistakes at times and make wrong decisions occasionally. Your teacher will talk to you about the way we expect you to behave in class and around the school and a reminder of these guidelines will be displayed in the classroom.

If you break a rule then the teacher will first speak to you and explain why your behaviour is not acceptable so that you will have an opportunity to apologise and correct the way you are behaving. If your poor behaviour continues then you might lose up to 5 minutes of your break time or in the worst case lose some Golden Time.

In cases where you continue to behave badly your teacher will refer you to your Year Group Leader who will once again speak to you and explain what you have been doing wrong. Again you may lose break time or Golden Time on this occasion your parents will be telephoned and told of your behaviour. This matter will remain in school but be recorded in your file. Such an incidence may occur no more than once a term.

If you are referred to your Year Group Leader for poor behaviour a second time you will be sent directly to your Head of Key Stage. Your name and behaviour will again be recorded. You will lose 10 minutes of break and Golden Time and your parents will be informed of your serious misbehaviour. A second referral to the Head of Key Stage will mean that your parents will be required to come into school to discuss your behaviour and your failure to act in the manner we expect.

If the problem continues, or in the event of extreme bad behaviour, then with the involvement of the senior management team we reserve the right to temporarily exclude you from areas such as the playground or classrooms for a fixed period. This would then become part of your permanent school record. Your parents will be kept informed at all times.