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 Year 3

Year 3

Year 3 is the first year as part of Key Stage 2. We have five Year 3 classes, each with 24 pupils and a wide spread of nationalities. Our Pod is an exciting, vibrant and colourful space to learn in!

We have 5 teachers and two teaching assistants. Let's meet the team…


YGL: Mr. David Beattie

Mr. Gordon Gray

Mrs. Jody Cuthbert

Mrs. Joy Sharon

Mrs. Joselyn Hamelberg


Beattie.jpgHi, my name is Mr. Beattie and I’m the Year 3 Leader. I’ve been working in Mesaieed International School since 2009. I come from Northern Ireland but have worked in England, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand. I have four children who all attend MIS and my wife also works in MIS as the music teacher. My favourite subject to teach is Numeracy but I also love Science and PE.





Hamelberg.jpgHello, my name is Mrs. Hamelberg. I come from England but I was born in Sierra Leone in West Africa. This is my second year working in Mesaieed International School. My favourite subjects to teach are Maths and Literacy. In my spare time, I like to play netball and badminton.





Grey.jpgHello, my name is Mr. Gray. I am from Scotland and that is where I started my teaching career. I have also worked on the island of Borneo in Brunei and in the Netherlands. This is my second year working in Year 3 at Mesaieed. I have two daughters aged 7 & 12 who are at school in Mesaieed. I used to be an Art teacher and I enjoy playing the guitar with my class.





Cuthbert.jpgHi, my name is Mrs. Cuthbert. I’ve been working in Mesaieed International School since 2010. I recently moved from Year 1 to Year 3 and I am really enjoying working with older pupils. I come from Yorkshire in England and I taught in London for many years. I have also worked in Thailand, China and Russia. I have one little boy who is nearly one so he is still too young to attend MIS. My husband Mr C works in Year 6. My favourite subject to teach is Literacy but I also love Art and Science.





HSharon.jpgi, my name is Ms Sharon and I am a teacher in Year 3. I started working in Mesaieed International School in September 2014 and have been teaching for 10 years. I was born in London, England, and this is my first teaching post in another country. I love teaching Numeracy, Literacy and Art, these are my favourite subjects although Science and Topic are also lots of fun to teach too.





Teacher Assistants Year3TA.jpg

Mrs. Fe Gueco

Mrs. Maurine Sudario